Q. Who can renew my vehicle tabs or vessel decals?  

A. Only registered owners with unexpired ID, anyone with the same last name or address on their unexpired ID that matches the vehicle or boat's current record or an authorized representative.

Q. What is an authorized representative?

A.  An authorized representative is designed by the registered owner and must have either: 

  • Power of attorney
  • Written permission listing the vehicle or vessel information such as the year, make, model and plate/WN number.
  • Sending the representative with the registered owner's check for payment

Q. How can I get a replacement registration, plates or tabs/decals or titles?

A. Replacing any registration items (registrations/plates/tabs) requires at least one of the registered owners to complete an Affidavit of Loss either in front of a notary or a licensing agent. If you renewed online and did not receive the items please call our office with your license plate number. 

Replacing titling documents requires all registered owners to complete the Affidavit of Loss in front of a licensing agent or a notary. A notarized release of interest would be required from a legal owner showing on the vehicle's record. 

Q. How do I get a Disabled Person Parking Placard?

A. Your doctor will need to complete the application including their professional license number(link to application) as well as give you a separate prescription. Applicants, their parents, spouses or guardians with court documentation may sign the application. The applicants, parents, spouses, adult or minor children or authorized representative (see authorize representative question) may bring in the application to pick up the plates, placards or DP tabs. 

Q. How do I get my Boater's license?

A. Take the education course .

Q. What do I need to use my vehicle/ORV/ATV at the Moses Lake sand dunes? 

A. The vehicle/orv/atv must have current licensing from any state. If you don't have current licensing our office sells 60 ORV permits for $15.75. You will need your unexpired government-issued ID, a year, make, model, and VIN if it has one. If it does not we will consider the vehicle/ORV/ATV to be homemade and issue the off-road vehicle permit without the VIN. These permits do not relieve a Washington resident from titling/licensing their ORV but can be used in the meantime. Our office processes a large amount of homemade/altered vehicle transactions. Contact us to find out what we can do to help you get your ORV a Washington state license. 

For further information/rules/regulations please visit  Grant County, WA .

Q. Can I license my golf cart?

A. Golf Cart licenses are issued by counties but not by the Washington state DOL. If you are looking to license your golf cart in Grant County please contact the Grant County Sheriff's Office  

Q. Can I use my out of state vessel on Moses Lake and surround waters?

A.  Vessels currently licensed in another state/country can be used on Washington waters for up to 60 days. If you will be using your vessel in Washington water for over 60 days please contact our office to find out what permits we have for you